A Greater Manchester primary school has today come under heavy fire from Christian groups as they took the step of dropping reference to one set faith from Snow Angels to prevent causing offence to other faiths.

Heads at St Triplets of the 3rd Ascension school in Middleton were forced into defending their bold step of rebranding Snow Angels as Multi Faith Snow Deities, with celebrity critics including God fearing former Prime Minister Tony Blair and Barry Chuckle of Chuckle Brothers Fame.

The move comes as a further blow to CofE traditionalists across the region, after another North West primary school in Blackburn also shockingly banned snow Angels in favour of so called ‘Snow Sheevas’, with children encouraged to shun the traditional Christian Angel wings to replicate the Hindu Gods 4 defined arms.

However, heads at St Triplets were delighted with the results of the change.

“Further to the success of previous renamings, with many parents from BME backgrounds now ordering our rebranded ‘Multifaith Deity Delight’ as the desert of choice for their children, we feel it’s right we extend this option to the playground as children of all creeds make the most of the inclement weather,” confirmed headmaster Howard Glossop.

EDL’s Steven Tommy Yaxley-Robinson-Lennon was apoplectic with rage, his crispy bacon lips spluttering that fictional Angels were the latest in a long line of British traditions to be marginalised in the name of multiculturalism, but Glossop remained stoic in the face of pressure.

“At the end of the day, Christians have already got Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day, plus there’s no snow on Eid for many British Muslims, so there’s no need to rub it in further.

“Besides, despite what the Express says, it only snows once every 3 years. Get over it, for unspecified deities sake.”