A loud mouth atheist has taken his levels of preaching about all organized religion being evil to such lengths that he has organized a church to nourish his colossal ego and spread the word to the rest of the uneducated population who don’t think the same as him.

Atheist and utter dullard Godfrey Moses from Shaw has been prattling on about all religion being bullshit to everyone every waking second of the day for so long, that he decided to form the Third Wing of Atheist Truth Seekers (TWATS) to give his truth bombs to the masses.

‘We’re not like those sheeple – we think for ourselves. If it’s not backed up by science, we don’t entertain it, and we don’t acknowledge the existence of a greater being or absolute influence to advise us’ Moses told us before solemnly bowing his head and adding ‘Now let us give thanks to Charles Darwen for showing us the way’

In between refusing to accept that not all religious people are raving lunatics and should be free to practice how they wish, Moses seemed blissfully unaware that he’d ironically taken atheism to religious levels, flatly denying he had formed a God complex ‘Absolute nonsense. How can I have formed a so called God complex when I don’t believe in God?’ whilst poo-pooing the similarities to this and, you know, a normal church.

‘Wrong again. TWATS are not religious at all.’ he snorted whilst sticking that annoying Darwen fish sticker on a car as if it was actually still funny ‘Yes I give sermons to what you would call a congregation, yes I tell people what to think and tell them they’re wrong for thinking other ways are right, yes we read quotes from Richard Dawkins ‘The God Delusion’ as if it was some sort of bible – but it’s not a religion, and I’m no fascist. I mean, what kind of a priest would where Birkenstocks and THIS cool t-shirt (emblazoned with ‘there is no God… moron)?!’

Moses starts his 38 day speaking tour of Rochdale & Oldham at Spotland next week, with just 10,000 tickets left – be sure to snap them up.