The BBC have confirmed that Nigel Farage is to replace David Dimbleby as the host of its topical debate programme Question Time.

It is understood that the ex-UKIP leader will take over from Dimbleby later in the Spring, after BBC bosses realised that he had appeared on the show more than any other person in living memory.

“In the last 10 years, Mr. Farage has appeared on Question Time on over nine hundred occasions, despite the fact that we’ve aired less than four hundred episodes during that period,” a BBC spokesman told the Herald.

“We’re not entirely sure how that’s possible, and even Professor Brian Cox got a migraine when we ran the figures past him, but it does explain why it feels like he’s never off our fucking screens.”

Brexit supporters welcomed the news, with many saying that it would hopefully reverse the left-wing bias that they read about every day in the Daily Express.

“It’s about time that those lefty liberals at the BBC stopped talking down our country and put a real patriot in charge,” said viewer Reg Wilson, 64.

“For too long now they’ve tried to make me and my fellow Brexit voters look like gammon-faced lunatics, frothing at the mouth with xenophobic rhetoric and impotent rage.

“Well, no more. And this is just the start, you mark my words. We’re not going to stop until Jacob Rees-Mogg is Director General of the BBC.”

Left-leaning viewers, by contrast, have been less than enthusiastic about the appointment.

“That audience is going to be wall to wall gammon from now on,” viewer Sophie Hargreaves, 28, told the Herald.

“It’ll look like a bomb’s gone off in a Toby Carvery.

“And what’s next? Songs of Praise hosted by Jada Fransen? A Book At Bedtime with Katie Hopkins?

“It’d be Mein Kampf,” she added, “Mein Kampf every night.”

The Herald has not yet been able to reach Farage for comment, though we are investigating reports that he was last seen hanging around outside the White House with a bag of Big Macs, telling anyone that’ll listen that he and “The Donald” are the best of friends.