Surgeon’s at London’s exclusive Portland hospital have declared the Piersectomy a complete success.

In an operation that lasted 8 hours, the world’s finest surgeons have performed a world first this morning.

Pier’s Morgan’s head got stuck in the Presidential rectum after the obsequious Arsenal fan interviewed POTUS on ITV last night.

Mr Trump, who has many fans in the UK and receives a lot of fan mail, had bent over to pick up one of the many clangers he had dropped during the interview when Mr Morgan “slipped” and fell as he aimed a misplaced kiss at the Presidential bottom. The drool that he had barely managed to keep at bay during the interview acted as a lubricant and his head slid easily up the PSOTUS (Poop Shoot of the United States).

Secret Service agents rushed the President to The Portland as the muffled cries of “Don’t forget your Arsenal shirt” could be heard emanating from a place where the sun has never shone.

A spokesdoctor for The Portland told The Rochdale Herald “Complications occurred due to Mr Morgan’s head becoming enlarged as people tweeted about the interview. We had to grease his neck with lard and jiggle his head about a bit. With an anaesthetist on each leg he finally came from after a good yank.”

As Mr Morgan came free Mr Trump released a considerable amount of flatulent gas which was immediately translated, via voice recognition software, into the latest Tweet from the POTUS account.

Mr Trump remained conscious throughout the operation and it is thought that the whole incident did, in fact, pass him by entirely.