A man has expressed his disappointment at his inability to interrupt the wedding of the woman he loves due to lack of wheelchair access.

David Hawkins, 27, of Rochdale had spent the day of the wedding in a depressed state until his friends told him that Laura Bolton (née Taylor) loves him, and that he should go and get her.

“I dashed to the church as fast as I could’ said Hawkins. ‘I went out in front of a cab and told the driver about Laura. He slammed his foot on the pedal and off we went. A police officer went after us, but when we told him my story, he smiled and said ‘go and get her, mate.’

“Then we got there. I could hear the music playing. This was it. I was going to burst through the doors, shout ‘I object!’ and then tell her how I’ve loved her since we first met. I forgot these old churches weren’t built with disabled people in mind.”

Mrs. Bolton is currently on her honeymoon in Venice, but said via Skype that she is sorry she chose an unsuitable place for Hawkins to intrude upon and will choose an accessible venue for her subsequent weddings.

Hawkins meanwhile, spends most of his time outside his local pub. He would go inside, but it has no wheelchair access.