Fury has erupted in the cricketing World as power mad Eurocrats have forced England cricketers into wearing EU coloured pink caps.

The Euro-wankers, already quaking at the prospect of an ever more successful looking Brexit, are terrified that if England are allowed to have their own, blue caps, other countries will follow suit.

With the last gasps of a dying empire they have sensationally demanded that EU passport-pink caps be worn by Joe Root and his heroic boys as a price of “sufficient progress” in the Brexit negotiations.

Balanced political commentator and Barmy Army Party Liaison Officer Dave Beerswoggle said “it’s fucking typical! That bunch getting all hung up over the colour of something that will do ostensibly the exact same thing as the other coloured one, with just a massive delay and possible extra costs. Wankers!”

EU spokesman Jan Vind-Up said “hahahhaa – vatching ze Inglish iz like vatching ze clowns run ozer ze minefield!”