A Rochdale primary school has come under fire from parents for casting a 9 year old Palestinian immigrant as the virgin Mary in the school’s annual nativity play.

Hanna, whose Christian Palestinian family travelled to England in order to flee violence and religious persecution, was thrilled to be cast in the lead role in the school’s Christmas nativity play, detailing the birth of Jesus.

However, many parents at the school were less than impressed by the casting. One disgruntled parent spoke out at the school PTA meeting last Friday.

“It’s political correctness gone too far!” He proclaimed, to vast agreement and vocal support in the room.

“Now, I’m not racist but forced diversity in schools is dangerous. It’s wiping away our heritage; integration of culture and race will hijack all our christian traditions, like Christmas Trees and Easter Rabbits.”

On the school’s Facebook page, another parent wrote:

“It’s bludy discgustin that a Arab immagrunt is playing the mother of Jesus the school is taking political correctness to far and is making a mockery of one of the most important storys in Christianity if they let an Arab girl play Mary what’s next a jew playing Jesus?” [sic]

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