Theresa May has been left with a political bloody nose after she was unable to convince enough of her own party to swallow her empty promises of giving Parliament the chance to take a pointless vote on the outcome of David Davis’ negotiations.

The Government’s defeat on the proposed amendment of the Brexit bill has highlighted the sort of shenanigans that Parliament could get up to once it gets it sovereignty back from the EU after Brexit.

Tory Brexit supporting MPs were absolutely fuming, suggesting that their colleagues should be punished for putting their principles, the country as a whole and the very essence of democracy above the self-interest of their own party.

“It’s ridiculous” we were told by one Minister who did not want to be named. “The whole point of Brexit was to bring back Parliamentary Sovereignty which is about being able to make up whatever laws we want without fear of ECJ pointing out that those laws are a bit crap. It was never about allowing MPs being able to vote in a way that I don’t agree with. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to make sure that the Telegraph and Daily Mail have photos of every single one of the MPs that voted against the Government so that they can all be properly vilified as the treasonous scum that they are.”

The Rochdale Herald also managed to catch up with David Davis to ask what he thought the Government defeat would mean.

“Don’t ask me,” his personal private secretary’s personal private secretary told us “He hasn’t got a clue. He doesn’t mean any harm, he’s just a bit dim.”