Potato face Michael Gove has claimed that voters could have some impact on the Brexit deal if they so wished.

Gove, who famously involved himself in the key Brexit team associated with pie-in-sky claims around the benefits of Brexit to the NHS and claims of millions of immigrants poised to flood UK before then stabbing his Tory colleague squarely in the back, has claimed that voters could change the terms of the Brexit deal at the next election.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Gove reminded readers that his intellect is far superior to everyone else’s and that his view of the world is therefore the only one worth listening to.

He also used the article to criticise Theresa May with thinly veiled praise as for negotiating the sort of soft Brexit that he is dead set against. He pointed out to the readers of the Telegraph, who will also generally be dead set against a soft Brexit, that they can use their power in the ballot box to change the Brexit deal, neatly aligning himself as the Tory mouthpiece and future leader who can deliver the hard, no return, screw-up the country Brexit that he foolishly believes is best for the country.

Rochdale pizza deliverer, Antonio Pearson, told us “Gove is an absolute turd-faced lying toe-rag who deserves nothing less than being thrown into jail for the grief that he has manipulated the country into. What really, really annoys me is that in his article he fails to mention that voters could, of-course, turn the whole Brext thing around. If they can change the Brexit deal through the ballot-box then they could also choose to reject Brexit out-right or re-join the EU.”

He finished “By writing this article, Gove has confirmed what most reasonable minded people have always thought; that Gove believes that the electorate are just a bunch a moronic sheep that will run in what-ever direction he chooses. Now, pass me that ballot paper…”