The fall-out from the Weinstein allegations of rape, sexual abuse and unwanted sexual advances continues to widen and include those in political life.

Whilst the falloout is becoming what many misogynists and philanderers are insisting is a witch-hunt, the MP for the 18th Century, Jacob Rees-Mogg, has spoken out insisting that women have the right to go about their lives without having to suffer the inconvenience of unwanted fumblings, lunges or lewd comments from men.

Many were shocked on hearing on what sounded like perfectly rational and modern thinking being issued forth from the mouth of Rees-Mogg until they remembered that the sanctimonious twat only recently went on record suggesting that raped women who fall pregnant should be grateful for the gift from God.

“I can only imagine that he got confused for a moment there.” admitted BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg . “For a moment, I thought that he had dragged his sorry arse into the 21st Century, would out himself as a feminist and go on to lead the campaign to stamp out all forms of sexual abuse and violence.

I had to remind myself that he is only a politician after all and, despite all the effort he puts into portraying himself as the very definition of landed gentry Tory, he cannot help himself and from time to time and make a statement based on what he thinks people want him to say, rather than what he actually thinks.”

A spokeswoman for the charity Rape Crises pointed out that Jacob Rees-Mogg was clearly a complete dickhead, has absolutely no understanding of the very real and devastating impact on the victims of rape and sexual violence and it would be better all-round if he just shut-the-fuck up.