Almost the entire Salford lineup have been selected as part of England’s squad for next year’s World Cup, it has emerged. All the English players from the team have been picked to represent their country on an international level.

The announcement was made just hours after Salford won a match against Bradford in spite of having their goalkeeper sent off for urinating on the pitch.

Even Premiership clubs have never had such an honour bestowed on them, let alone a side as far down the league as Salford, who currently in National League North, the joint sixth division of English football along with National League South.

England manager Gareth Southgate however had a full explanation for this unprecedented move, when he spoke to the Rochdale Herald.

“If you can have your goalie sent off and still end up winning the match,” he said, “then you must have some rock solid defenders, and that’s exactly what we need.”

Salford’s goalie, Max Crocombe, was not among those picked for the England side, although his New Zealand citizenship would bar him anyway.

As for the rest of the squad, they have yet to be chosen, although we are sure more of the usual suspects will put in an appearance.

Due to their inexperience in international matches, the Salford players will start their World Cup training well in advance of the rest of the squad. Mr Southgate did not specify the exact nature of their training, but it is understood that penalties will be figuring prominently.