A new study from the Rochdale Institute for Sight has found that working from home is the leading cause of sight loss for men.

Although identifying the cause the researchers were less exact about what it is in the home environment that is so damaging to vision in men.

The Rochdale Herald sent its leading medical science reporter to discuss the matter with Professor Wayne Kerr, lead researcher on the study.

“It definitely involves staring at screens,” Professor Kerr stated, “We believe also it maybe the content viewed by men working at home that is a key factor.”

The length of time spent staring at the work of men is also under the spotlight.

“Most men who work from home, whether self employed or just allowed to by their employer because, complain of the amount of video content they are forced to watch. They say it is very different from a regular office environment surrounded by many other people.”

Having peers around does seem to have a preventive impact on vision in men of all ages. The study has received an extra £2M in funding from the Home Office to investigate more.

“We think a key factor maybe the sense of isolation,” Professor Wayne added, “If your spouse and children, should you have them, go out the door early in the day and you are faced with a stretch of sometimes six or seven hours of enforced time alone, well, that can have a very debilitating impact on men and their health.”

The professor hopes that further study will find the root cause and put a stop to it. Perhaps teaming men up with colleagues in home office sharing is a way to help.

“We encourage men to request less video based work when they are home alone. Perhaps go out walking more to areas where lots of other people are liable to see you, social context has a massive impact on behaviour and personal health.

And definitely eat more seafood. It’s long been known that foods rich in zinc especially are good for your sight. This is sure to help replenish whatever it is about working from home that is so detrimental to men left alone.”