A Rochdale woman today described feeling ‘shocked and disappointed’ by the number of people who volunteered to be removed from her friends list after she threatened a Facebook ‘friend cull’.

Charlotte Gainsborough, 25, made the passive-aggressive threat on social media yesterday and was surprised to find several people actively requesting to be included in the purge.

A solicitor called Sarah who Charlotte once met at a dinner party in Chester commented ‘You can delete me if you like’, and this was quickly joined by a host of similar requests.

Dave, Charlotte’s next door neighbour from three moves ago, who got divorced after he had an affair, chipped in with ‘Please de-friend me, we no longer have anything in common’, and his ex-wife Marie added ‘And me! I didn’t even realise we were still friends’.

Charlotte’s quest to streamline her friends began after she posted a video of a cat peeing directly into a toilet and then flushing it, and the post received only four likes, one heart and a laughing face.

“I knew then that some people had to go”, Charlotte told the Herald. “If you’re friends with 647 people and only half a dozen respond to a cat that can flush the toilet by itself, you know you’ve gone wrong somewhere along the line.

“I’ve got a mate who’s the in a band and he only has to list the contents of his sodding shopping basket and he’s got 600 likes. It’s not fair.

“Now this is the final insult. I’m the one who’s supposed to decide whether someone’s cool enough to be friends with me; not the other way round. My own mother asked to be defriended, for god’s sake.

“On the upside though, this is the most popular status update I’ve ever put on Facebook and you never know, if Buzzfeed get hold of it I might even go viral.”