The thorny issue of the integration into society of immigrants, particularly Muslims, has been strained of late.
Now the UK government has come up with an initiative they hope will bring an end to divisions, or at least reduce the current knowledge gap. The initial target of the move will be Britain’s children, who are hoped to educate their parents, in turn.

Government spokesperson, Mohammed Al Mohammad told the Herald; “In Britain, we are really struggling to draw together different groups of people, especially different faiths such as Jews, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Christians and Jews. We have been carrying out opinion polls throughout the country, in several mosques, asking what it is more people want and, overwhelmingly, it was a better grasp of different cultures.”

We asked Mohammad what part he felt British culture would play.

“Most children are exposed to the British culture of drinking and swearing on a daily basis, which is why there is more focus on other, better cultures. The plan is to ensure that everyone in the country under sixteen has a prayer mat by the year 2020. This will make everyone understand and appreciate each other more.”

We questioned whether this could be confused for part of the “stealth Muslim invasion” that many alt-right commentators are fearful of and asked which elements of Hindu or Jewish culture would be brought to the forefront.

Mohammad laughed; “No, of course not! We are just helping children to understand there are other cultures. We are just to focus on Islamic culture first, then after forty, or fifty years may look at others.”

The idea seems very much long-term, as Britain seeks to mould the future and after all, who would turn down a free carpet?