Labour Party Central Office has announced that it would consider forcing book publishers to pay a levy to help pay for Momentum leaflets and Block Wardens.

Deputy leader Tom Watson will say that the cash would be used for “Social Treatment” and to end the “destructive cycle of information”.

Speaking at the party conference in Brighton on Monday, Mr Watson announced a review of the extent of the problem of “disagreeable information” but said that “broadly speaking book burning is bad for the environment so it is best that we find a new way”
The Association of British Book Publishers has said that it would not oppose an “appropriate, compulsory levy” as long as they got to stay in their homes and their whole families weren’t sent to salt mines in the Hebrides.
Labour has vowed to tackle Britain’s “hidden epidemic of free speech”, and earlier this month proposed a ban on the internet.

Mr Watson will return to the theme in his speech to delegates today, saying some individuals are “deliberately educating our poorest communities even though only He [Jeremy Corbyn] clothes and feeds them”.
“Self-determination is an illness and it’s about time it was taken seriously,” he will say.
A 2015 report by the Momentum Commission estimated number of “problem bloggers” between from 300,000 to 430,000 people who are to be targeted for “re-integration with the People’s truth”
It defined this as “thinking to a degree that compromises, disrupts or damages the State, Him and happiness of the People”.

The Association of British Book Publishers said it now backed an end to “evidence-based writing in the UK and would support Mr Watson’s idea of a review; now please get off my throat, you are hurting me”.