Following the Government’s success in the Great Repeal Act, Brexit Secretary David Davies has moved to assure Parliament that the lingering taste of this legislative shit sandwich will get better over time, the more bites of it they swallow.

As he began to reveal more about the Government position on Brexit negotiations, it became clear that Parliament is set to endure not so much a delicate place of crust-less Turd Triangles politely offered up by her Mum at the first meeting with your girlfriends parents, but more cornucopia of Bum Baguettes, Poo Panini’s and Vulgar Vol au Vents in an All-You-Can-Eatery served by staff with filthy fingernails.

And he assured his Right Honourable Colleagues they would soon get used to the taste. He said that sometimes whilst principles and dignity may prevent you from taking that first bite, once it is swallowed everything after that will just taste the same.

He said “Take it from me; It will get easier” he told them, wistfully glancing at Theresa May…..