The parents of a child who saw another boy in a dress at school are suing the school because a man in a frock said boys can’t wear dresses.

The man in the frock apparently decided this after reading a book of magic words written down by people interpreting the actions of a sky daddy thousands of years ago.

The sky daddy is believed by his followers to take a very dim view of men and boys wearing dresses even though his own magic son wore a dress until his father killed him by hiring local hit men. And even today whole regions of the world exist were men and boys do the same. Scotland being a prime example.

The Rochdale Herald’s Magic Man correspondent spoke to the father of the boy who saw the boy in a dress.

“I’m not a bigot, but.” Mr B Igot began. “We all know girls can’t wear trousers or it makes them too powerful and risks floods. It’s the same with boys in dresses. Put a boy in a dress and you’ll get famine or worse, a man might kiss another man and not be forced to seek a cure.”
As to how his son is coping with what happened st school?

“He’s pretending he doesn’t care. He’s pretending he’s more upset over our reaction and taking him away from his play friends, but I know he’s just fronting it out. He’s scarred for life. This madness has to stop.”

The parents of the scarred boy are planning to take him to a big building where a man in a frock will bless him with magic water and say magic words in the hope the damage isn’t permanent.

What damage will be caused by the parents and their attitudes has not yet been assessed, but will be known in the fullness of time.