Michael Gove, the man who claimed Britain had “had enough of experts” would appear to have at least some time for them, at least when it comes to his own health.

Dining out in a Japanese restaurant, he was overheard to repeat his assertion about experts, at which the restaurant staff told him about the famous delicacy Fugu. As most people are aware, this is the Japanese pufferfish, which if not prepared properly can literally kill you.

Restaurant owner Yuwana Sumitasti related the incident. “Your Mr Gove was asking what good experts were, saying they just get in the way of his politics, so I talked about this fish, which can kill if not properly prepared. Most people know about this already, but not your Mr Gove, who seems to know very little.”

I nodded and let him continue.

“Your Mr Gove expressed considerable outrage that we would serve a dish that might kill him. Although he did not seem concerned about anyone else’s health on trying the dish. But I explained that it is not poisonous, indeed it is perfectly safe, if prepared correctly, and to prepare it correctly, trainee chefs must study for at least three years at the hands of a master.”

Sounds like expert training then. And what did Mr Gove make of this?

“Your Mr Gove conceded that he would much rather have his fish prepared by experts than by unskilled amateurs.”

Well, at least this is one time that he’s acknowledged the need for experts. Who knows, maybe it’ll be the first of many . . . or then again maybe not. Mr Sumitasti had one final comment to make.

“After trying it, he asked me where he could obtain these fish for himself. He said there were a few people he would like to cook it for. I explained to him that he could buy Fugu in grocery stores when it has already been rendered harmless. He seemed disappointed at this, and asked where they could be found. I told him about the strict fishing regulations, and he looked even more disappointed.”

One can only imagine what he wanted these fish for. I for one have no desire to eat anything, fish or otherwise, that’s been made by Michael Gove.