A Brexit voter who spent four hours queueing in passport control has suggested that maybe border free travel in Europe is a good thing.

Jo King, 46, from Rochdale, has just got back from a holiday in Spain, and after the plane touched down spent four hours waiting to go through customs, and then when she finally got to the head of the queue, she wished she hadn’t bothered.

“It was a bloody nightmare!” she told the Rochdale Herald. “Four hours waiting to show them my passport, and then when I did, that wasn’t enough. The customs guard gave me the third degree, asking all sorts of personal questions.”

I didn’t see how the questions could be considered personal, so I asked what she meant.
“What I’d been doing over there,” she explained. “Stuff about what I’ve been buying. Like I’m gonna tell him that! I’m not saying how much booze or how many fags I’ve got in my suitcase. That would be like telling my boyfriend I shagged the tennis coach while I was down there.”

So when I asked her to confirm that border free European travel would in fact be a good idea she was emphatic in her response.

“Too bloody right!” she said. “I’m not goin’ through that again.”

I had to then ask how she voted in the referendum. “I voted Leave,” Ms King replied.
This begged the question of why, when this is the consequence.

“Well, I didn’t think it would affect people like me . . .”