Police were called to an address in Las Vegas earlier this morning after reports of a white man beaten senseless in an organised fight.

In this “boxing match”, Floyd Mayweather, a black man known for beating up 49 people in earlier bouts, ruthlessly pounded white Conor McGregor for 8 of the 10 “rounds” of this barbaric contest.

Some report that the white man, who is known for repeatedly picking fights he can’t win, only had his constantly spouting arrogant gob to defend him for nearly 10 rounds of the match until a “referee” ended the ordeal.

Mayweather, 40, is currently still at large. A spokesman for Las Vegas police told us that they expect to track him down shortly and deploy their usual tactic of claiming that Mayweather was armed, gun him down on account of his brown skin and later claim it was a “mistake”.

Demagogue Trumpanzee pre-issued a statement, refusing to condemn Mayweather’s imminent shooting, pointing out that, there was violence on many sides of the boxing match. Trump clarified that he is and always has been a massive racist and that the only time he doesn’t tacitly discriminate against people with brown skin is when a country of majority brown-skinned people let him build a hotel and golf course there.

Although the police spokesman did say he will regret the imminent ‘mistaken’ murder, he did point out that Mayweather is a serial woman beating egomaniacal narcissist, so, you know, swings and roundabouts.