A British expat who lives on the Costa Del Sol has denied being an immigrant.

Will Punch, 43, has been living on the Spanish coast for the past seven years, but will fervently disagree with anyone who calls him an immigrant, and has gone on social media to defend himself.

His initial response to the observation is usually something like this “Cors Im not a imigrunt evryon noes imigrunts are forren int they.”

When people point out that relative to the country he is living in, he is foreign, his response is usually to the effect of: “No there the forin owns im Brittish int I”

When asked what he would describe himself as, as an Englishman abroad, he will usually say something like: “Im an export int I”

I very much doubt a truer word has ever been spoken, however unintentionally.

When pointed out that anyone living in a foreign land can call themselves an expat relative to their own country, he typically flips out with something like:

“No them muslamics int exports thems imigrunts thems evul terrists evry on of them”

When it is pointed out to him that he can’t have it both ways, either they’re both immigrants or both expats, his response usually degenerates into something like:

“Loook im Brittish so I cant b a imigrunt u cant b a imigrunt if yor Brittish and if yur not Brittish and u r in Britten then yer a imigrunt evryon nos that”

Not everyone. But I think it’s safe to say everyone knows what this guy is.