The Victoria and Albert Museum has apologised after a man said he was asked to “cover up” while whipping his cock out for a breather on a visit to the London attraction.

In a post on Twitter, the man said he was “perplexed” by the request and posted several images of naked male statues from the museum’s exhibitions. He had, he said, simply removed his wanger, bedecked with a full Prince Albert piercing, from his pants due to it becoming ‘a bit warm’ and the surgical stainless steel rod inserted through his glans starting to feel a tad uncomfortable.

He went on to say he had a lovely day at the V&A “exploring depictions of men’s diddles through the ages”.

Its director Tristram Cunt said men may get their cocks out “wherever they like”.

Tweeting under the name @PrinceAlbert69, the man said “Flashed a nanosecond of of my nob just to give it a bit of fresh air and was asked to cover up in the V&A courtyard because the security guard was eating a baloney and gherkin sandwich and said I was putting him off. I am perplexed.”

His tweet has been liked more than 6,700 times and received more than 3,900 retweets, with many people offering messages of support.

The man pointed out the irony of the request at a museum which displays many statues of naked men.

Posting a photo of a statue showing a man holding his flaccid member, he captioned it: “‘I will throw you out of this museum with your naked wedding tackle!’ ‘But I’m made of marble!’ ‘Oh sorry you’re fine then.'”

Mr Cunt, a former Labour MP and shadow minister, apologised on twitter, saying: “Very sorry. Our policy is clear. Men may get it out wherever they like, wherever they feel comfortable & should not be disturbed.”

Prince Albert, 197, was unavailable for comment due to being all dead and that.