A wife’s Instagram post about loving her husband’s “cashew” sized penis has sparked a backlash online about just how dumb her husband is.

American entrepreneur’s wife Sarah Tripp, who describes herself as “wife to a man with no self-awareness” posted a photograph of a bag of cashew nuts, explaining that a really small penis could be sexy.

“I love this man and his tiny penis and also his hilarious misjudgement of what is ok to put on your “Instagram Story”. As a teenager, I was often teased by my friends for my attraction to boys on the lower end of the Darwinian scale” she wrote. “For me, there is nothing sexier than an absolute moron getting panned globally on social media, probably having to delete all of his accounts and with a really good chance of having to go into some sort of federal relocation programme. Really, what a dick.”

Robbie Tripp, who made Cosmoplitan’s 100 top Least Sexy Guys in 2017, has what some observers have described a slightly below average sized penis that is completely unremarkable.

Men’s Groups around the world have praised Sarah Tripp’s comments. “There’s nothing wrong with having a normal sized penis and Sarah should be lauded for her heroism in admitting that an average sized willy and poor judgement are what make Robbie the man she married.”

Instagram has apologised to its users saying “we’re working hard to remove average people from our platform and replace them with photoshopped hard-bodied teenagers on tropical beaches. Please bear with us.”