On Saturday, the world’s favourite sprinter, Usain Bolt ran his last 100m race of his career at the London Stadium.

The 30 year old has decided to hang up his running spikes bringing to a close a fantastic time as the fastest person in the world. However this race was inevitably not without some controversy brought in part by the fact that twice-banned Justin Gatlin was involved.

Gatlin has previously been banned on two occasions for failing drugs tests, known as “doping”. Furthermore in a bizarre twist it was confirmed after the race that Bolt, the world’s fastest man, was in fact beaten not by one but by two other racers. The real kicker came when the winner of the race was Gatlin with a time of 9.92 seconds with Bolt somehow lagging behind, coming in on 9.95 seconds.

Sports Scientists have been analysing the results day and night and they have not been able to establish what happened. One boffin told the Rochdale Herald; “We cannot explain what happened. The quickest man on the planet did not win a race, or even finish second! It does not make any sense”.

The result is not an ideal send-off for the Jamaican, who will be remembered fondly for smashing records and doing his “lightning bolt” celebration.

In the meantime, the scientists vow to continue investigating the outcome, in an attempt to discover what went wrong. They are especially keen to find out how the gold and silver places eluded Bolt so, as bronze around his neck looks so unnatural.