As pupils prepare to merrily go back to school their parents are preparing for the big celebration.

In recent years, parents have been edging ever-closer to the ultimate goal of total protection, a nirvana of health & safety. With safety goggles and hard hats being big sellers this time of year, usually to match the pencil cases, other precautions are coming to the forefront of the education industry.

The boost has had a great impact on producers of bubble wrap who have reported record profits over the last quarter. A Director of a local producer told the Herald; “We have been looking to crack the back to school market for years now. This is a fantastic development for us and we already have big plans for the future”. Sales have steadily been increasing until celebs started tweeting and snap-chatting their flash new bubble wrap for their children.

Developers have been researching the best way to wrap children. Wrapping them “carpet-style” or with smaller individual wraps, known as “mummy wrapping” are firm favourites. Some schools have been working closing to help fully utilise the bubble wrap in the classroom, with several hoping to have it as an official uniform in years to come.
On the other hand, their has been sharp criticism. Cotton wool producers are understandably concerned with their new rival product, with some trying to stem the flow by labelling it as a “silly fad”.

As every child’s favourite time of year fast approaches, what ever you choose, it is clear you need to wrap your child up tight.