Mail Online columnist Katie Hopkins’ plan to drown migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean to prevent them coming to the UK has been put on hold after the controversial hatemonger was killed and eaten by a group of refugees.

Speaking to the Herald’s cannibalism supplement, “Why Bury?”, Pollos Hermanos, a spokesman for the group pointed out that none of them had eaten a full meal for over a week, and frankly she was no party.

“She was way too chewy – more like camel than “long pig” and the overall flavour was of bile. Even marinating in red wine didn’t remove the bitterness,” he complained adding that they’d have much preferred a catering pack of chlorinated chicken breasts.

“Or Boris Johnson – at least he would be self basting,” he added, licking his lips.

Chopkins’ publicist Donna Kebab denied that the demise and subsequent consumption of her client would spell the end of her campaign to ensure that migrants crossing the Mediterranean drowned before they reached Europe.

“Many people find Katie’s views difficult to digest. She’s been down before but she has always come back to confound her critics,” she said.

Hermanos confirmed that several of those who attempted to digest Hopkins had subsequently become very ill and that the opinionated bigot did indeed come back with a vengeance.

Chopsticks’ campaign to stop migrants crossing the Mediterranean hit the headlines last week when she flew to Egypt to join up with far right group Defend Europe on their ship C Star to help them in their stated aim of preventing NGOs from rescuing drowning migrants.

However critics of her “crusade” have been drowned out by the deafening clamour of hock and outrage at the means of her demise.

“This is frankly the most dreadful thing I have ever heard of, those NGO’s should be held fully responsible,” said TV chef Nigella Lawson.

“Surely it wasn’t beyond them to provide a few fresh limes, a handful of bay leaves and a bottle of Tabasco,” she frowned.