On Wednesday in was revealed to the public how much some of our favourite BBC Presenters earn, as well as some rubbish ones too.

The figures have astonished many and dredged up the glaring gender pay gap within the corporation, which has been the focus of much debate this week.

There have been threats to quit, awkward moments live on air with usually friendly co-presenters and plenty of criticism were views matter most; on social media. The stirring of the proverbial pot has rumbled interest among the political classes, encountering these costs for the first time with the rest of us. The Tories have been very unhappy with the information and are planning to intervene.

A spokesperson for the Conservatives has released this statement; “It has been brought to the public focus that there is an issue with the pay of the Presenters and employees of the British Broadcasting Corporation. We cannot and will not allow this to continue. As we have discovered, many of the BBC’s top talent is earning a meagre salary, much lower than is comfortable to live on. We, as the party in government, have a duty of care to these individuals and shall endeavour to increase their salaries to a reasonable and sustainable amount by 2020”.

When the Rochdale Herald asked the representative how they planned to raise the funds to pay for the salary boosts, the spokesperson replied, “With a very steady reconsideration of the licence fee. Nobody working for the network will be left out of pocket”.