As the dust starts to settle on Terry Wogan’s grave after being disturbed so much by him spinning in it, the Rochdale Herald can reveal that BBC Radio 2 breakfast show ratings are now at the highest levels since Sir Terry died on the show.

Much of this is thanks to the Beebs Ginger-turned-grey bearded Gandalf lookalike, Chris Evans. His 2.2 million a year earnings have infuriated the general public so much that they are now determined to make sure they know what their hard earned cash is being spent on.

45 year-old Rupert Staines of Rochdale, owner of the award winning Cockwell Inn pub, doesn’t normally have time for morning radio, but today he made an exception.

“I’ve been a license fee payer ever since I was old enough to smoke and I’m disgusted with the amount of money were throwing away at this so called talent.”

“I’ll be tuning in every day now until Evans snuffs it just like that Irish fella, to make sure my money isn’t wasted. The thing is, it’s not even that difficult to do. Give me a turntable and some weed and I’d do it for nowt.”

Not all of the public are against the flame haired billionaire however. 107 year-old Norma Snockers, a regular listener of the Wogan breakfast show pre-death, showed her support.

“He’s doing a very difficult job and bless him, he has to put up with that alcoholic, Moira Stewart, she sounds pissed out of her head most of the time! Could you do that everyday?”

Fair enough, she’s got a point.