Cost cutting at state broadcaster curtails roles for male actors.

The BBC has responded to continuing pressure from central government to reduce costs by reducing production budgets.

This ongoing pressure is nowhere more visible than on prime time Saturday time travel favourite, Doctor Who. Obliged to find a 20% cut, Executive Producer Crystal Capsworth, said:

“Unfortunately we have no choice other than to cast a female Doctor,”

“Since I took over from Bill Zenith, we have tried to transition roles to women where possible. There has been a long tradition of ensuring affordable female, and occasionally even robot, companions for leading male actors playing the Doctor.”

“But austerity measures have obliged us to step it up a gear. We started with Missy, and Michelle Gomez saved us a considerable amount compared to John Simms. But the latter’s appearance at the end of the previous series left us needing to make further cuts.”

The move was welcomed by Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond, who said “I, of course, welcome fiscal prudence at the BBC, and steering the Tardis into a plot device is so easy these days even a woman could do it.”

It is thought that casting a female Doctor for a series or two will provide much needed budgetary relief. The resultant saving should ensure the popular 4 white men plus a token panel format can continue for the Corporation’s comedy and quiz shows.

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