The White House has confirmed that the new range of Trump jigsaw puzzles, commemorating the President’s achievements in office, are deliberately missing several pieces.

The release of the puzzles is timed to capitalise on Trump’s early achievements as President.

An entire series of puzzles for the duration of his presidency is in the planning stages. However long or short that may be.

A spokesperson for the Russian based games developer, Het Cekpetob Igp, which translates roughly as “No Secrets Games”, spoke of the pleasure they felt in being awarded the coveted design contract,

“We are overjoyed to make jigsaw puzzles but we have no links to the White House.”  The spokesman stated.

“Please do not harass us in this way with fake news.  Wouldn’t it be terrible if your computer was hacked and all your dirty, little secrets found their way onto social media? Yes?”

The first jigsaw puzzle features Donald Trump flying on a bald eagle over the White House.

A misprint has made what is supposed to be a Faberge egg falling down to earth appear, to some, like a giant bird poo.  This will be corrected for reprints and, of course, just makes you very lucky if you own one of the first editions.

The missing pieces from the jigsaw puzzle have been excluded in order to maintain the mystery of America’s most successful businessman and politician.

An aide for the President had this to say,

“You know Trump is a very private individual. He pretty much needs to be jabbed with a cattle prod to get in front of a camera. The puzzle reflects this. The fact it has no corners or a centre is intentional. You can imagine what is there for yourself.”