Two Yorkshire cricketers and a number of spectators were injured last night as nearly 200 dyslexic anarchists rioted at the T20.

Similar riots took place in Mumbai in India and Perth in Australia as the Global Network of Activist Dyslexics (GONADs) co-ordinated a day of action against Global capitalism.

They were all carrying banners and placards saying, well actually it doesn’t really matter what they said, does it? I mean, it’s not like they will know, is it?

So anyway, two dyslexics walk into a bra. They were discussing making placards and one says to the other “Is there a B&Q in Leeds?” and his mate says “fuck off! I don’t even know how many ‘Qs’ there are in Sheffield!

And later? The two dyslexics are back at home one says to the other “Can you smell gas?” And his mate says “Fuck off! I can’t even smell my own name”!!!! Boom boom!!

Probably best we leave it there…

No dyslexics were injured in the writing of this article.