Scientists from the Rochdale Institute of Social Sciences have reassured that fears relating to sex bots are overrated because most men won’t read the manual and won’t know how to turn them on.

Dr Pussy Galore, lead researcher in male sexual behaviour, and how it interfaces with robotics, released the following statement,

“It’s well known that most appliances returned to shops for repairs are not broken but the fault is a man refusing to read the associated manual.” Dr Galore revealed.

“That will come as a surprise to many people. Men generally being convinced they are much better than women when it comes to even something as complex as changing a light bulb.”

Dr P Galore went on to say that,

“In spite of mass media coverage regarding fears of what will happen when men have access to life like robots designed purely for sexual gratification, most men will flounder about as they have always done.”

This is a shame, as the rise of AI sex bots was anticipated to greatly reduce casual and drunken violence caused by men out of the reaction of a minority to not being able to get laid.

“You will still have be wary near closing time at any public house.” Dr Galore advised.

“Even if a man has read the manual accompanying his robot there is a real chance he has only skim read it.

He will have gotten no further than learning that you need to find a small, but powerful button to be successful, but where is the button? It will remain a mystery to most.”

It’s thought that jewellery, chocolate and flower sellers will do well from the sale of sex bots nonetheless, as confused men turn to the traditional methods of giving unsolicited gifts in the hope of getting laid.