Jeremy Corbyn sought to reconnect with young people today over Brexit by sacking the last of the Remainers in the Shadow Cabinet for suggesting that we might want to stay in the European Union.

Speaking at a Rochdale Community University Anti-Brexit rally the 68 year old leader of the Labour Party said he admired the spirit the young Anti-Brexit protestors.

“They remind me of myself when I was young, constantly protesting, even against my own party, while accomplishing exactly fuck all for over thirty years in Parliament,” said the bearded leader.

“Look at the effort you thirteen people have put into today’s protest, great signs, great chants,” said Corbyn whilst breaking out into his own rendition of “All Hail the Power and Glory of Jeremy Corbyn” above the “Remain, Remain, Remain” chants of the young anti-Brexiteers.

Corbyn also sang the classic Rolling Stones song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” to the young protestors. Which they didn’t seem to enjoy quite as much as his rendition of “Smack My Bitch Up.”

“Brexit means Brexit as I have always said before that Tory miscreant May stole my line,” Corbyn said.

“Of course we have to give lip-service to the views and opinions of young, idealistic people,” said the left-wing firebrand Corbyn. But after all is said and done, what the fuck do young people know about anything, they’re young!”

“The important thing is that the UK gets the stable and strong leadership the country needs in the national interest during the Brexit negotiations.”

Owen Smith has been sacked for suggesting that Brexit is a bloody stupid idea, could fuck up the Good Friday Agreement, nobody under the age of 60 wants to do it and will cost a fortune.

Keir Starmer was heard to mutter “What the fuck?”