Tracy O’Daffy of Middleton is heading a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of vaccination throughout the Rochdale area.

Tracy has been a long time ‘Anti Vaxxer’, meaning that she is strongly against vaccination and believes the procedure causes more harm than good.

“My friend Emma had her daughter Lucy vaccinated against Meningitis when she was around 8 years old. I tried to warn her of the dangers of vaccinating and the string of illnesses it can cause in later life. I refused to let my son Daniel, who was in the same class and very close friends with Lucy, to have the vaccination.”

Tracy wiped a tear from her eyes.

“Well, it brings me no joy what so ever to say I was right. Several years later Lucy died of cerebrovascular disease, a stroke. I am absolutely certain it was down to the meningitis vaccination and nothing at all to do with her smoking forty a day and being in that car crash.”

Emma held up a picture of her Son Daniel and Lucy.

“I have not spoken to Emma in many year’s, I don’t know how she can cope knowing she allowed what happened to her daughter. But that’s why I continue to inform people of the huge health risks and lies of vaccinations.”


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