An overtired parent ‘who can have your name if you like’ is looking forward to going grocery shopping later without their children so they can once again experience ‘me time’.

The grocery expedition is largely unplanned in details, there is no shopping list, just the awareness that the outing will occur, and the sudden revelation that being childless for half an hour it will be a special moment.

“It’s a bit nuts how much I’m anticipating doing this. Almost as much as when I went to Barcelona when I was single. I’m going to walk up and down the fridge section first.” The overtired parent stated.

“That is my intention. I’ll probably take a full minute deciding whether or not to spend a bit more on organic milk or just lump for the store brand one?”

After the fridge section they intend to go back and forth from the fruit and veg numerous times as they remember another item that they may need at some point in the next few days.

“You never know when you’re going to need a lime.” He/She stated. “I might crack open that bottle of gin that’s been sitting at the back of the kitchen counter for months and hurt it. Especially if my partner calls to say they’re going to be late home again tonight.”

The bakery will also get a lot of focus.

A decision will have to be made when looking at the cup cakes and brownies.

Do the children, who are not here, deserve a treat later?

It’s a choice. Alone. Staring at the cakes. The decision will be in the overtired parent’s hands alone.

“I expect by the time I’ve rounded off the amble through the aisles by choosing cat food I’ll be in a state of near zen like peace. And then I’ll go and pick my kids up and ruin it.”