A study has proven that any one wire left unattended for 5 minutes, will tangle itself beyond the laws of physics. 

The physics department of Rochdale Community University under lead scientist Professor Duane Dibbley, carried out the survey.

The experiment involved 2000 wires of varying lengths and types. They were locked individually in a dark empty vacuum chamber for 5 minutes.

Professor Dibbley explains the findings, “Basically every single one of the sods had tangled itself into knots. Some even managed to sprout new ends. The dimension jumping properties were astounding, with some appearing to fold space and time. So that you really had to get your teeth in there to pull them apart.”

“We pulled on the end of a particularly nasty headphone lead which appeared to dissapear into nothingness. A large tentacle appeared on the end and pulled it back in. We lost a good undergraduate that day.”