Social media users woke to the discovery of a useful new button on one of the most popular platforms today as an “I am staying home” button was added just for today.

The button is in anticipation of the need of Londoners to make other Londoners aware of their intentions for today’s much publicised “day of rage” in the capital.

This is a new festival timed to coincide with Prime Minister Theresa May’s maiden Queen’s Speech.

The ‘day of rage’ is a general invitation for anyone who disagrees with the government to get together and act in central London.

Once together they may experience peer pressure to express their anger at minimum wage workers on zero hours contracts in retail chains. Generally by breaking windows, terrifying the workers and stealing trainers. Actions which in no way could be counter-productive to the organiser’s aims.

As with most buttons of this nature it caused immediate irritation within friends lists as people from all over the world confirmed they would not be in central London today. Something their friends already knew without being told.

But one of the most surprising users of the platform to click the button was the Prime Minister herself. Although this is thought to perhaps be a clever political bluff. Not something the Prime Minister is known for.

Met Police boss Ms Criseyde Richard initially welcomed Facebook’s move, taking comfort that her over stretched force will not have to cope with kettling the entire population of the capital.

But relief rapidly turned to disappointment when she noticed the vast majority of police in the capital had clicked the ‘I am staying home’ button for today.