In an unprecedented move Theresa May is to inform Queen Elizabeth that she will need to redo today’s Queen’s Speech in Parliament because she forgot to say ‘strong and stable’.

The shock announcement from Downing Street comes after video footage of the moving ceremony revealed the Queen failed to mention any of the key talking points set out for her before going on stage.

An aide to the Prime Minister gave vent to May’s irritation at a press conference outside 10 Downing Street.

“Perhaps it’s time she retired and let someone still up to the task take over? There was an ageing man next to her who looked up for it?” The aide stated.

Initially reporters presumed the aide was venting frustrating at their boss behind the famous black door.

“Lynton Crosby was up all night writing that speech. Theresa was choosing her shoes. All we asked for was thirty nine repetitions of ‘strong and stable’ and a few ‘Brexit means Brexit’. She’s doing it again and this time she’s wearing the bling too.”

It was an unusual Queen’s Speech, not only for its brevity and paucity of shiny things, but also for lacking almost all content from the general election manifesto that has given the Conservatives the opportunity to attempt to form a government.

Attempt to form a government with some creationists who don’t seem too keen on forming a government.

Asked for a response a palace insider issued the following rebuke,

“One was supposed to be watching the horses. One does not even know what Brexit means Brexit means. But one certainly knows what strong and stable is and I can tell you, you ain’t it.”