Civil servants and politicians from a wide range of governmental departments are throwing their weight behind a Department of Education proposal to create a highly-specialised degree course in Hindsight.

“Everyone knows that after every disaster of every sort, nearly everyone knows what should have been done before hand to prevent any particular sort of disaster happening in the first-place,” said Prudence Prescience, a high ranking Whitehall civil servant.

She said that it is now agreed that the time is right to create “a highly educated and well- trained cadre of specialist Hindsightists” who will know what to do even before things go badly wrong.

“With so many of our young people going to university and wanting to help change the world for the better, we really think a university specialty like Hindsight will offer our young people real value for money for their time spent in higher education. We will create a special cadre of know-it-alls who will be able to prevent tragedies of all descriptions and at the same time help to put to bed our “someone must be blamed” culture,”said Ms Presience.

Officials at all levels of government told The Rochdale Herald that they supported the idea.

“The way things are at the moment, the public want to hang us by our entrails if we have not had the foresight to imagine the most horrible of horrible incipient tragedies.  God knows I wish I had a crystal ball and the ability to use it,” said one high-ranking public official.

“Once we have this highly trained cadre of Hindsight specialists we will all be able to throw away our crystal balls and gloom and move on into a brave new world,” she said.