A complaint is to be lodged after a Sun reporter allegedly attempted to secure an interview with a Grenfell Tower resident, by posing as a human being.

Kate Matthews, 23, intends to file a complaint with the Independent Press Standards Organisation (Ipso) over the deception, which took place outside King’s College Hospital on Friday morning.

Matthews, who escaped from the Tower with minor injuries, told the Herald that the reporter had attempted to gain access to the words in her mouth by pretending to be a decent member of society, rather than a piece-of-shit hack for Britain’s second-best-selling hate rag.

Matthews told us:

“He approached me just after I was released from the ward.

“He had a head and legs and arms and normal clothes and stuff, so I just assumed that he was a legitimate person.

“But then I saw that he had tried to hide a News UK press ID inside his jacket, and I realised that he was actually a soulless misery-parasite looking to exploit my grief for the titillation of morons.”

NewsUK have so far refuted the allegation.

“Our journalists always act with the utmost integrity, and I want to make it clear that no deliberate attempt was made to deceive anyone,” a Sun spokesperson somehow managed to say without laughing.

“Besides, none of our reporters could ever be mistaken for human beings. The total lack of compassion they have for people is pretty obvious when you look into those bottomless black pits they call eyes.

“It’s also hard to hide the smell of horse shit and sulphur that follows them around.

“That cow’s probably just angry that we didn’t ask to see her tits. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to summon Rupert from the bowels of Hell so he can sign off on the cover-up story we’re going to release to keep that daft doucheflute in power.”