Huddersfield photographer Golcar Matt snapped a cloud in the shape of Great Britain, and meteorologists are debating its religious significance.

“It is a clear sign of a Catholic God,” said Shinner McVeigh. “Just look at it, Ireland has finally unified, and in doing so, has risen to the heavens, leaving Great Britain behind.”

“That is yet another mis-interpretation of an ecumenical matter,” countered Ursula D. Arlene. “It is a Presbyterian God. Northern Ireland has joined with the mainland in a heavenly representation, and the Catholics have been washed from the province in Sinnful Rain.”

“What piffle! You two should get stuffed like you were complaining about cuts to the fire brigade. Everyone knows God is an Englishman,” said professional Englishman de Pfeffel Jonson.

“This is a happy England, rid of the Troubles at last, whilst clearly retaining hold of Scotland and Wales.”

Like many satirists, Johnny Wapping accepts he is an arsehole, and thinks society could be better if we were all willing to accept what arseholes we are. If you see him on Facebook, why not ask if he's read the article?