Senior Tory advisors, still reeling from Thursday’s disastrous election result which provided a hung parliament, are said today to be telling the prime minister Theresa May that something serious has to be done about Britain’s broken electoral system.

One senior Tory, who requested anonymity, said ” we have to get disenchanted young people off the electoral roll. Obviously, she said, young people, and I am talking about disaffected people up to about age 35, simply cannot be trusted to vote responsibly.”

“These youngsters want everything cheap and easy… free tuition, no debt, good high-paying jobs and affordable housing,” she said. “They have to learn that the only thing that is free in this life is the milk from their mother’s breasts. Until we figure out how to tax that.”

“If we can successfully raise the voting age to 35, then there will be a real chance to provide our great country strong and stable government, which we are never going to get from the mugwumps and communists who are running the Labour Party,” she said.

In a sop to the more liberal wing of the Tory party, the senior Tory said young people would be allowed to retain their voting rights for the X-Factor, Britain’s got Talent, Strictly Come Dancing and other such tv productions.

The DUP are largely on board with the proposals but have stipulated that they would like to see atheists, scientists, anybody who can read and people who believe in evolution should be excluded also.