The Rochdale Herald has discovered that Andy Murray’s Mum still won’t let him quit tennis club.

“She promised me that if I won Wimbledon I wouldn’t have to go anymore” said the moody British no.1 “I really want to quit tennis club and go with my mates to chess club or computer club instead.”

Andy Murray’s pushy mum also only lets him go out and play with his friends once all his homework is done and insists that he is only allowed to eat a choc ice after dinner if he eats all of his vegetables. Andy’s wife Kim is only ever allowed to visit the house if she takes her shoes off at the door and always leaves the bedroom door wide open.

“He’s really very good at tennis” said Judy Murray “and I don’t like the people who run the other after school clubs, Mr Southgate who runs the football team is a loser and I don’t want my Andy ending up like him.”

Andy Murray has been promised that he can play with his Nintendo Wii after he’s done his chores but he must only play the tennis simulator on the hardest setting.

“Rafa Nadal’s mum is not like this” he added “he’s allowed a late bedtime if he wins a tennis match and his dad lets him have a sip of his beer sometimes. It’s so unfair.”

Wimbledon is on from the 3rd to the 16th of July just after the end of summer, as usual.