Controversial Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been heavily criticised for his links to rap group NWA. A picture of Jeremy “terrorists are my mates” Corbyn sipping gin and juice with rapper Easy E has been largely shared across social media.

“It’s a disc race” said an uninformed commenter on The Daily Mail website “why can’t he put on a Union Jack tie, sing the national anthem and promise to bomb the fuck out of a country I can’t point to on a map”

Linking Comrade Corbs to NWA is very unfair in the eyes of wimpy lefties. Across social media commies, poofs and pinkos are keen to point out that the song ‘Fuck tha Police’ was originally called ‘Fund the Police’ before naughty rapper Ice Cube changed Corbyn’s original lyrics.

“Jeremy Corbyn being pictured with NWA says it all” said strong and stable Tory Supreme Leader Maybot 2000 “I’d much rather be pictured holding hands with Trump or selling weapons to the Saudis than have my photo taken with Dr Dre and the boys”