The nation has been shaken by the cowardly attacks in Manchester. This terrible, craven attack on innocent concert goers is irrefutably horrible and humour cannot be derived from it.

There are a few basic truths that will bring us together in these difficult times: our tolerance, our bravery, our pride in our society and above all our communal hatred of disgusting troll Katie Hopkins.

Hopkins woke up in the middle of the night to post that the only way to deal with terrorism was an implied “final solution” to British Muslims. As if this sad day is not difficult enough to deal with, the last thing we need is the uniformed hateful fascism of the attention seeking LBC host. The fact that the first thing she did when hearing of the tragedy was posting something controversial on twitter says everything you need to know about this media pustule we have created.

Despite our grief and shock at this horrible act the people of the UK have all come together today to agree on one common goal: We must devise an end to Katie Hopkins.

After a long discussion over whether we should lock her up in prison or simply cut her head off at the Tower of London we have now agreed that the best punishment for Katie Hopkins is for us all to ignore her. No retweets, no column inches, no radio phone ins. Let’s all agree from now on to ignore this skidmark on our society, surely without the fame that she feeds on she will resort to further and further extreme ways to grab our attention, inevitably ending in her incarceration or death.

I realise in writing this that we are part of the problem, for the record we are also open to setting her adrift in the Mediterranean on a makeshift raft and then playing violins as her body washes up on the beach if our readership prefers.

Our thoughts are with those in Manchester.