The POTUS sent a series of Tweets earlier about his visit to Saudi Arabia, after securing a $110 billion arms deal.

The leader of the notoriously extreme kleptocracy, famous for human rights violations, sat down with King Salman of Saudi Arabia to broker the historic deal.

President Trump was ‘disappointed’ that he didn’t get to meet Aladdin, tweeting;

“We have a deal with the Sowdi Albinos folks, but Aladdin didn’t show. Sad.”

President Trump also mentioned that he’d shared intelligence about ISIS with the King, but he apparently ‘already knew’. He did however get ‘a rare treat’ telling reporters;

“I was real disappointed not to meet Aladdin. I’m a bit fan. Big fan. But the Saudis made it up to me, I got to see a great show with Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves! Big swords swishing, great show. I said to one guy, ‘ever cut anyone’s head off with that thing?-Only joking! Ha-ha!'”

He said “yes.”

The visit came to a climax last night after President Trump, King Salmanand Abdel Fatah al-Sisi united in touching ‘The Orb of Doom’ unleashing Satan to rule over us for the rest of eternity.