The Conservative MP for Wells, James ‘Compost’ Heappey got all sweary when visiting the massively overpriced Millfield Academy for Young Toffs and Toffettes. 

A Scottish schoolgirl told him that her reasoned political viewpoint was that she would vote for Scottish independence, to which Mr Heappey’s reasoned political response was ‘why don’t you fuck off back to Scotland’?

The day after the incident there was no mention of it on Mr Heappey’s Facebook page leading to speculation that any comments mentioning Mr Heappey’s slip of the brain had been deleted.

When asked for comment, Heappey said “It’s totally wrong that people should come into my safe place and tell me to fuck off for telling that Jock schoolgirl to fuck off. They can all fuck off.”

Mr Heappey’s staff were unavailable for comment being all engaged in a search for his toys in the general pram area.