A Haywood man has spent the last 10 minutes reviewing each item on the menu at a Pub Bistro in Haywood only to decide to have the burger and chips.

Dave Pollock of Spring lane, goes out for a meal at least once a fortnight with his wife, who is fed up of him always choosing Burger and chips.

“Every bloody time, we sit there and he reads each item description out loud to me. Some of them he says ‘sound nice’ or ‘I’d like to try that’; but every time it comes to ordering, he bottles it and just chooses the burger.” Said Denise Pollock.

“For Christ sake, we went to Venice for our honeymoon, did he literally asked the waiters in every restaurant we dined at to translate the menu, 25 bloody minutes of listening to the process of making ‘Osso buco alla Milanese’ and it’s always the inevitable ‘Well that sounds fantastic, but I think I’ll go for burger and chips’.”

We asked Dave whether he has ever been adventurous and would he ever choose anything else.

“Well, I know where I stand with Burger and chips; occasionally I’ve gone out my comfort zone and chose a burger with some salsa relish, or one with chilli and avacado on it, if it’s a posh place.”

“I suppose if it wasn’t on the menu and I absolutely had to pick something… Pie and Chips?”