The Labour Party leadership have taken to social media today to whole heartedly apologise for accidentally running over a BBC Cameraman, Giles Woolerton, this morning.

“As you can see in the footage of the incident we were clearly trying to hit Laura Kuenssberg with our car, Giles Woolerton was just collateral damage.” A spokestrot told The Herald.

“We have nothing against the BBC in principle, Woolerton was just doing his job. But you can hardly blame us for trying to run down Kuenssberg. If you saw her in the middle of the road what would you do?”

The Labour Party are keen to get the media to focus on the idealogical differences between themselves and the Conservatives.

“Obviously running over a journalist who isn’t Laura Kuenssberg on the way to a meeting to launch our manifesto wasn’t the best way to do that. But if we’d got her, well that would be a different story.”

Better luck next time Jeremy.

Quentin D Fortesqueue is a founding editor of The Rochdale Herald. Part time amateur narcissist and full time satirist Quentin is never happier than when playing his lute and drinking a full bodied Bordeaux. He rarely plays the lute and never gets to drink Bordeaux.