Big news! Corbyn, asked if the UK will leave the EU “come hell or high water” if he becomes PM, refused 6 times to say “yes”.

When asking their stupid question and cynically leaping on his refusal to address it, just as the press did when it comes to listening to the phone messages of dead children, they had no interest in allowing legal reality to clog the gears of the bullshit factory.

The simple reality is that Theresa May sent the notice required under paragraph 2 of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty on 29 March 2017. Paragraph 3 makes clear that at the end of 2 years, if a formal exit agreement is not agreed, the UK will leave the EU whether it likes it or not.

Article 3 allows the UK and European Council (i.e. the 27 heads of state of all the other EU countries we’ve really pissed off by leaving) to delay, but not back out of the inevitable, by extending the 2 year deadline. It’s fantasy on either side to imagine that the deadline might be extended forever.

Paragraph 5 is also clear. If a state, having left, wants to rejoin, (i.e. back out of leaving) it has to make a brand new application to join under Article 49, which all the other 27 states must agree to.

So, really, we think Corbyn did quite well for not saying “fuck off you cynical twat, I couldn’t stop it if I wanted. Don’t try to hand me a turd one minute then complain that I have dirty hands the next.”